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Hello, my name is Ilona. I’ve been an intuitive and empath my whole life. I’ve been intuitively coaching/guiding people in their lives/careers since 2005. My gifts of clairesentinence and claircognizance allows me to guide you through all aspects of life. I specialize in helping people find their ways through the paths of love, career and financial questions. My goal is to read the energy and help you understand your next best steps for the creation of the best life possible. I am also on a Twin Flame journey at the moment and can answer questions regarding that process as well.


I have been coaching and guiding people intuitively since 2005. I use a combination of tarot, oracle cards, reading energy, clairsentinence and claircognizance. I have successfully guided and treated people on their path to their most authentic lives. I deliver information in a way that is kind, helpful, yet to the point. My clients have experienced physical healing, emotional healing as well as increased power to move forward with confidence and courage where there was none before. I am a Reiki Master, Chakracology Therapist, Certified Oracle Card Reader, Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, Psychic Medium and Life Coach. I look forward to working with you. Many blessings.


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