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I am quick, accurate, to the point and sometimes funny. I have 32 yrs. of experience, so after thousands of sessions, I call it as I see it, leaving aside what I think about the matter, so I can go to feeling, spirit and unadulterated intuition. I go straight to the source of knowledge as much as possible. I may not very good to provide emotional support, because I keep that very light in order to have enough time to see what is wrong, what could be and must be changed, how to improve a situation, if possible, and what possibilities there are that can work as a solution. That´s my prerogative. Well, that´s basically my style. I am here to provide accurate answers in which to base your decisions and that´s a heavy responsibility on providing these, and I am not in a emotional support hotline. LOL I started reading the tarot and studying astrology back in 1987 and meditating to develop my intuition in 1989 and still going at it. That allows me to have a wide range of tools to get the information to answer the questions that press your mind. The better formulated the question, the more detailed the answer you will get. Please bear in mind that I need time, after formulating your question, to set a spread and connect in order to provide you with the accurate answers you deserve. I love politeness and good manners, at least basic courtesy for me is a must. Let me help you get the clarity you need and deserve. ´Will I get the job?´, ¨Will I get the promotion I deserve?¨, What are his intentions?´, ´Are there fun and stability in my future?´ I do not sugar coat to give you a positive reading, but I tell you exactly what I receive from the source that will help you know where you stand, who you can count on, and who is going to be in your future and who is not. In a reading, I convey exactly the message I am given for you, in a kind, sometimes funny manner. Want to know what message I have for you? Come on in!


Have had a TV and also a radio program where I answered questions live from the public and have written horoscopes for local and regional magazines and prediction articles for a local newspaper in my community. I have had my own website and probably I will set another one in the future. In Zodiac Psychics, I have over a thousand readings and over 600 extended readings in only 2 months. I have been all over the spectrum, and I still have things to say. LOL I am interested in all the awesome things the mind can do, and thanks to meditation, I use the mind as my finest instrument where I can measure things in more ways than one, and depending on complexity and given the right amount of time depending on the subject, I can give awesome answers that can be confirmed, later on. Thanks to meditation, I am able to connect to people in other continents, spiritually, for healing and to get accurate information, when needed. I have been interested in all that the mind can do, all my life. Meditation has sharpened my intuition and that has been very handy in my daily reading practice. I have also delved into Chinese and Vietnamese energy systems and techniques to manipulate Chi, for healing and effecting changes. I have also been involved in locating missing persons with interesting successes, locating stolen objects and finding information on when, how and personal information about the perpetrators. Sadly, for the moment, Zodiac Psychics do not provide a platform to provide psychic investigations to the public, because I feel I am collecting dust, but I look forward to do that in the future again. Meanwhile, come into my chatroom, or place a call, if available. I am here to help.

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he's good
I wish I could afford more time
another great reading..thank you for your insight...
Thank you for your info...you just verified what I've been told so I trust you!
highly recommended. accurate and quick. trust what he says.
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