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⚡Hermes' Energy⚡


34 years of experience have made me quick, accurate and to the point. I specialize in reading your energy⚡ or your loved ones',💖 regardless of distance. I hear, see and/or feel information, so I will tell what is in someone's mind, heart and soul. I like to give details of things you already know, as a confirmation of the truthfulness and quality of the reading. I love to see behind walls, so to speak. 

About my Reading Style

My reading style is kind, lighthearted, yet direct, realistic, to the point, meaning I tell exactly what I see: the good and the bad, so I don´t sugar coat the message. I use allegories and metaphor to say much in a few words; some find it witty, while some ask for clarification. You'll know exactly where you stand by the end of a session with me. I thrive on well formulated questions and provide short answers to cover as much as possible. I love to discover where you are stuck, where your issues lay; then I look for the reasons why you are in that situation, and finally, to top a great reading, I love to see what possibilities there are; what actions you could take that could sway things in your favor. If there is a SOULution, I will tell you. Want to know what message I have for you? Come on in to my chat!


My Background

Although I am camera shy, I have been on local TV and radio where I answered questions live from the public and have written horoscopes for local and regional magazines and prediction articles for a local newspaper in the city I live. I have had my own website and probably I will set another one in the future. I have been all over the spectrum, and I still have things to say. Tarot found me in 1987, I started to study astrology in 1988 and I meditated for the first time in 1989. My practice has become regular, fruitful and full of shortcuts to do more in less time; more bang for my time. 

My Basic Interests

I am particularly interested in psychic investigations since the mind can enter where the body and logic cannot. I have been studying Chinese and Vietnamese magical systems for the handling of chi, energy, prana for health purposes, divination and modifying outcomes. I am interested in soul to soul communication through distance as well as healing and also passing messages from one person to another, even if in different continents, behavior modification through hypnosis and through meditation. 

Looking into the Future…

I have had my own website back in 1997 and in 2004 where I used to read over the phone, back then. Looking into the future, I am interested in opening a channel to read the cards on current world affairs, to see where humanity is going as I am a aware of the changing times we currently live in, and the undercurrents of energy pervading the universe for the future of humanity as a whole. I am also interested in performing psychic investigations for missing persons, stolen goods and hidden knowledge that can be proven worthy to bring closure to someone. If the Almighty allows me to, I will be making a difference in that area in the future. Meanwhile, come into my chatroom, or place a call, if available. I am here to help, and will be an honor to read your energy and discover what is inside you or your loved ones. 

Blessings, 🙏



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sorry connection wasn’t good but thank you
Thank you , yesterday the guy I’m falling in love with gave me news that this soon will end to where we can be together. Hermès contacted me and told me just the same thing as long as I continue to capture his heart. Amazing read & thank you for updating me on all this. def hit on head
lovely person
Hermes has been right once before so I reckon he's right this time as well
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