I am quick, accurate and to the point. I have 32 years of experience, so after thousands of sessions, I am quick, accurate and go straight to the point. Astrology and the tarot found me due to a fortuitous reading that ended up saving my life only 3 days later. I was given the right message at the right time. so I began to study them and giving readings and consults. My goal was to be able to connect in such a way to provide the right message as I gas given. Now that I have thousands of readings under my belt, allow me to shed some light on your path, so you can make the right decisions in regards to your love and business lives. The tarot, together with date of birth through astrology, plus my intuition, patiently developed through meditation, allow me to have a whole vast array of information about your situation. Let me help you get the clarity you need and deserve. Will I get the job? Will I get the promotion I deserve? What are his intentions? Are there fun and stability in my future? I am Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods, so I convey the message given. I do not sugar coat to give you a positive reading, but I tell you the truth that will help you know where you stand, who you can count on, and who is going to be in your future and who is not. In a reading, I convey exactly the message I am given for you, in a kind manner. Want to know what message I have for you? Come on in.


I have thousands of readings in my 32 years of experience. I have meditated since 1989, helping me develop my intuition and being able to connect to people in other continents, spiritually and get information from them. I have been interested in what the mind can do, being able to connect with people in other continents, to provide effective distance healing and psychically finding hidden information about people have proven to be of utmost interest for me. Meditation has sharpened my intuition and that has been very handy in my daily reading practice. I have also delved into Chinese and Vietnamese energy systems and techniques to manipulate Chi, for healing and effecting changes. I have also been involved in locating missing persons successfully, locating objects stolen and finding information on when, how and personal information about the perpetrators. Of course, that is extra work where a psychic investigation is needed. If you need specialized knowledge to solve your situation or a simple session to get some answers, Come into my chatroom, or place a call, if available. I am here to help.

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