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My fascination for astrology goes way back to my childhood. Astrology is an incredibly powerful, precise and accurate tool which can be used to improve people's lives; coupled with my inborn desire and gift  to offer a helping advice, it has led me on my way of becoming a respected counselor to my clients, first and foremost in matters of love, sexuality and relationships. I'm a good and patient listener, friendly and compassionate but also direct and open - always telling the TRUTH, not what the clients would like to hear. 


I'm an astrologer with 20 years of experience, counseling clients  by natal and horary chart reading as well as electional charts which  help you choose the best moment to optimize your chances of success in any sort of endeavor. I'm also proficient in psychological and karmic chart analyses, primarily concerning matters of love, sexuality and relationships. If you would like to know which of the two potential partners is the right one for you, then horary astrology can give you an accurate and clear picture. If you would like to know what the weak point of your relationship are, then the comparison between your and your partner's chart will provide the precise answer. If you'd like to know what is the best moment to make a reconciliation attempt, then electional astrology provides the solution.

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