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TRUTH.....some claim the Truth will set you free......are you ready to be free?......are you ready for Truth?......perhaps the decision of the day?.......we can do this together......how may I be of help this fine day? VALENTINE'S DAY.....WILL IT BE ALL YOU HAD HOPED FOR?..WILL HE COME BACK?..IS HIS LOVE REAL FOR ME?..........CALL TO GET THE DETAILS........... NEW YEAR PREDICTIONS GET YOURS NOW....BE INFORMED AND FORWARNED FOR THE OPPORTUNITIES AHEAD IN 2018....................................................................... DEATH AND DYING IN THE CENTURY BEFORE US The definition of which keeps changing. As we are confronted repeatedly with this Certainty. We are also asked to give up who we are emotionally and physically in order to deal with the experience and as it appears almost daily are we doing this. Death and Dying have a common denominator but all else just does not stay the same at least not according to our perceptions. Loss the common denominator always reflects the separation of us as humans from something we have come to view as beyond precious continuously nurturing never ending loving support and that which we have come to expect to always be with us loss reminds us that is just not so in living now in insurmountable pain we ask how could this be wrong and all that we see we feel as more and more death Death: a phenomena that absolutely cannot be changed it is Destiny and is a part of the Whole part of a Plan for which we are presently here and perhaps even part of a Plan we chose somewhere along the way is loss to be tolerated or resisted, or embraced. What has influence over this?. For in no way is it understandable nor acceptable Through our emotional senses the overwhelming feeling of loss hurts physically it kills us who are suddenly experiencing the death of something-someone more precious to us than breathing with seemingly no escape from the pain that this sudden presence brings Time suddenly has a different meaning it no longer is what we thought we were part of it now stands still it dies too in the reality of loss-death our sacred connection is taken from us time has no reverence Shall we 'disconnect'. many would say with sad experience that is the only way of survival for logic. education wealth never explains the 'why' of what is now harsh reality. We will disconnect/deny we will have uncontrollable anger oceans of tears not treatable physical pain feelings of numbness all at once. The unbelievable is all come true forcing us to accept undeniable things as normal perhaps but for certain a new definition of Death and Dying........................... RELATIONSHIPS. Defined as the abstract connection formed between us and all others formed/carefully built/established/molded into/fabricated/sculptured/designed/created. Yes. created by personal/subjective/deeply emotional foundations. that strive for reliability for in that we can now add 'common sense'."Now. it all makes sense". says all is right with our world of relationships..only to find out all is wrong perhaps yet again this being made manifest the very second we receive information that 'does not make sense'. this sets the stage for mistrust/suspicions/accusations/again all abstract in nature but fierce in destruction of any relationship "What happened!". "Now what are 'we'. and how does this influence our 'relationship'. now and in the future?. Certainly an astrological map can afford us knowledge still the answers we seek are missing and suddenly all pain all questions become abstract overwhelming confusing leaving us to feel like our very soul may be being damaged from a relationship. You are the vessel to aid you in your search for clarity/understanding/and most importantly -Truth in all relationships it all starts with the spark of desire within you. You need only to ask.


This Reader has been sought for Aid by all Who seek answers, ever since she was old enough to Speak. Her Ability to Read for All, no matter the Circumstances, has never failed to bring new Meaning, new Insight, and Clarification, to the Issues of concern set before her. July 2011, this Reader passed from acute Peritinitis. Subsequently cheating Death; this Life Change is opening Profound Pathways of Divine Knowledge for Spiritualy Growth, Achievement, and assured Success, which is used to Benefit all Callers.




Mar 8, 2023
Mar 8, 2023
Always a gift from GOD!
Mar 7, 2023
thank you ❤️
Mar 7, 2023
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