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Himmel Hildi
Himmel Hildi
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Himmel Hildi


Hello Guest! I was born into a cherished lineage of Tarot Readers and harbor many generations of experience passed down from mother and auntie to daughter and cousin. This age old Craft is held precious and vibrant in practice of timeless familial bonding, to prepare our future generations to bring the same comfort to you as serendipitous, accessible, and practical service. I offer you a warm, evincing Tarot reading to embolden your confidence in what has been and will be, invigorate your own intuition and energy, and clarify your struggles to conquer and blessings to receive. Career predictions, relationship advice, what to expect in the year ahead; to entrust us with that of which you seek to be answered is to reveal what obstacles you are to overcome and life's gifts you are to manifest. To share is to receive. Disencumber yourself of solicitude and Herculean tasks in exchange for the accolade of elucidation, stouthearted volition, and purposeful moxie.


Through the lifelong education and training from predominantly my mother and aunties, as well as chosen family, whom of which are engaged both professionally and in recreation, I have been delegated to continue the enshrined vocation of Tarot in representation of ourselves. I have been surrounded by this Art since before birth as this tradition is deeply woven to the intrinsic nature of our family. Sensitivities to energies and spirits is an ascendant aspect of our maternal lineage, where we taught in understanding about ourselves and our talents channeled by this trait from young ages. I was gifted at the age of twelve with my own Tarot deck blessed by my mother that has been imbibed with experience and amenity through its years of use. As familial bonding, the use of Tarot is present in every gathering. I have witnesses and participated in these shared readings throughout my life just as the women around and before me have and will continue to do so in their honor.

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Jul 31, 2019
overall reading was positive, however, just general in ways of advice...nothing too specific...but thank you
Jul 14, 2019
good advice but don’t think my question was answered .
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