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As above, so below: I bring clarity & understanding to all you seek to know. There is an immense Power behind any individual to rise above & beyond every limitation when our minds and our bodies are working together. As within, so without: I am here to help you remember how & why. It just is. Together we Will transmute pain into Power. I carry the codes of the Violet Flame & command the golden threads of your Authentic Connections back home again. Realigned to your Natural state of purity, coherence & grace - to reflect your chosen embodied reality in all that you do. Fully descend into Being - as YOU are the Magik & Perfect vessel for healing.


As a Classic Oracle, I harness a variety of tools for prophecy, healing & clairvoyant divination. I was initiated over countless lifetimes, and since more than 15 years I have been catalyzing the Etheric Flow in the vortices of Sedona, NYC, London UK & on the great peaks of Delphi Greece. I can see into minds, read beyond closed hearts and feel into the Spirit - accessing the Akashik Records - beyond timelines, direct to Source. I actively provide LiVE Guided Meditations both online and in-person, grounding (ankh) and weaving energetic activation's through the practice of ZepTepi - a preDynastic Egyptian practice that predates Hermetic Teachings. I Will take you on a journey of discovery to show you the profound depths of your being, where you Will find the most hidden parts of yourSelf as a Potent Medicine from the Soul. Give your heart the Grace of healing and Polarization. Expand into the extremes & dance in the stillness - as we reconnect to your kNOWing & call to actionable answers, always in Solution.

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Nov 1, 2020
man ran out of time, however I hope to hear more soon.. thanks so far
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