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Ma Yamkela
Ma Yamkela
Psychic Reading
Ma Yamkela


Hi, there my lovelies. My name is Ma Yamekela which means "one who takes on other people's problems". I am a naturally born Psychic and experienced Tarot Reader who has been reading for friends, family, and clients far and wide. I have natural psychic gifts that came to be at a very young age and I also was taught the Tarot by my great grandmother who was very gifted in the art. I assure you that whatever your problem be, I will be able to give you some sound advice. I do use other forms of divination such as my crystal ball and my pendulum to get insight into the future that I can guide you forward today. My specialties include Love and Relationships, Career guidance, the Past, present and future, Family, Divorce and Break Ups and Spiritual Readings. I do look forward to connecting with you soon!


I am an advanced Tarot Reader and have natural-born Psychic gifts of Clairvoyance. I am able to take a look into both the past, the present, and the future. I also am very equipped to do gain some guidance from your Angels and spirit guides along the way and also through mediumship by doing some spiritual readings which allow me to communicate with your loved ones in spirit who are always around you. Many of my clients have said that my Readings are insightful and spot on. I assure you that with my vast experience, I am equipped to give you the insight that you need today. I really look forward to connecting with you today.

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Dec 22, 2019
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