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Helpful Thomas


Hello, I am a very trusted psychic I use my special abilities & to help those in need. I give a indebted detail reading each time. I am more than able to look into your situation & and guide you along the way. I don't not sugar coat anything, & i will tell you how it is. I can tell you exactly the way the other person feels. Or how that job is going to treat you. I restore marriages and broken trust. I will help you with your financial needs. And many other things. Give me a try, you will not be disappointed.


I have over 15 years experience and I specialize in relationship/love readings My style is straightforward and I will NOT tell you what you wish to hear. I can tell you what your partner is feeling,if their intentions are true, and obstacles that you may not be aware of. I accept all questions and circumstances with no judgement, I do ask that you have an open and positive mind frame.


You are so kind and reassuring. Thank you
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