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Medium Helena


Abundant greetings to you all. I operate with a diversity of gifts for healing of the body and emotions, and coaching through relationship problems and advice on breakups and soul mates. I assist with the consoling of death of a loved one. I am a clairvoyant medium and Reiki Master (Shiki Ryoho) and see, feel and hear spirit. I say truth only in what I get and don't sugar coat. I work a lot from photographs on chat to read and channel messages. Past life regression is another gift I specialize in. I was born psychic was able to see and speak with spirit from a young age. I have learnt over the years that my gifting brings great help and comfort to many. I am able to connect to your loved ones who have passed over. For over 3 years, I wrote a paranormal psychic blog which attracted millions of readers. I have also assisted with the location of missing persons and had good results. A reading has to be respectful, if the language is abusive, I will end it.


English and Dutch language Specializing in channeling, healing, past lives. I am straightfort and honest. No sugarcoating. No abusive language please I treath you with the highest respect I have 28 years working as a clairvoyant medium and healer. I have extensive knowledge of Reiki (Shiki Ryoho) having 16 years as a Master. I see, feel and hear spirit and work very well from photographs. I was born psychic and saw as well as spoke to spirit from an early age. I have deep empathy for people and give my very best during the reading to advise and comfort them with relationship advice. I'm a fast typer and deliver accurate to the point messages. If you are confused and stuck in your life journey I can enlighten you with sound spiritual advice EXPERIENCE My speciality is channeling and past life regression and psychic detection in finding missing persons. I wrote a paranormal psychic blog for 3 years which attracted millions of viewers. I successfully located a missing person who had been kidnapped. My healing abilities assist in chakras balancing and aura cleansing helping you to live a more balanced life.

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great connection
thank you so much for the inside it really put my situation in a different perspective and then I have something to look forward to thank you so much for your kind but honest and true words many blessings to you and your family and God bless
as always perfect
I love you ?
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