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Heiki Healing
Heiki Healing
Psychic Reading
Heiki Healing


  • certified Reiki Master Healer 
  • channel of Spirit & the Soul 
  • energy reader
  • energetic empath, 
  • psychic intuitive
  • Reiki Master healer
  • I connect to energies quickly and with clarity. 

As a lifelong empath and energetic intuitive, my clairvoyant skills have allowed me to aid others along their healing journey. 

As a certified Reiki Master, I am able to provide you with healing life force energy throughout the duration of our reading.

I will balance the energy in your system, and also provide insight into where your physical body is carrying the weight of stagnant energy. You will emerge from our time feeling refreshed, grounded, and supported by the messages from Spirit that flow through me. I connect with angels, guides, & frequencies of unconditional love and higher only. 

I am here to serve you in receiving messages from the Divine so that you may live your most fulfilling life! I also utilize Tarot cards, crystals, and Oracle decks while we connect. I am so excited to share nourishment with you through a sacred reading.


Clients feel safe & held as they experience clear & direct guidance from spirit through my channeling. Feedback from my readings includes that I am easy to talk to and connect with and that you will not regret receiving one-of-a-kind healing and spiritual guidance from me. 

With several years of experience as a certified Reiki Master, I also provide energetic cleansing and healing during readings. My goal is to empower you to honor your innate divine wisdom through channeled messages from your angels and guides. My philosophy is that through an open heart and grounded energetic space, we are able to receive powerful guidance from higher realms. 

Connecting with me will be an experience to clear stagnant energy, attune to your highest vibration, and receive wisdom from Spirit with gratitude and ease. With a special focus on relationship and love readings, I aid souls in navigating their connection to others. I am so excited to provide healing space for you.

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Jan 24, 2022
Dec 15, 2021
she's always honest, I just love her feel as she is a friend and we are just in two different places. i highly recommend her!
Dec 10, 2021
Oct 17, 2021
Oct 13, 2021
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