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Healer Tanzi


Helping people is my passion and I have been associated with this for a long time because this is the thing that gives me immense joy and pleasure, hello beautiful souls, my name is Tanzi and I am a Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience certified psychologist, who is here to help you in the hard times of your life with the help of my intuitions, energies, and spirits. 
Sometimes all we need is to make some quick, Spontaneous, and on-the-spot decisions about some matters of our life that can save our soul from getting hurt and feeling low in the future but we do not do that, Because of fear of what will happen. I am here to extract that fear out of your soul and show you the right direction where you do need to go on, So you can make the best out of the things you will get in the future. 
I with the help of my readings will help you rebuild what you think has been broken and shattered into pieces. Does not matter in the field of Love, Marriage, Finance, Career, Travel, Health, or any other sections, My Readings will shed light on your every matter, Providing you the much-needed guidance and clarity that you need to get out of that troublesome condition. I will tell you the true meaning of your dreams with my in-depth and crystal clear analysis of your stars. 
I prefer to empower my clients because I'm just here to show you the way, to shed some light it's you the one who is going to make that decision. I deal with my clients with extreme empathy and dignity and always work politely with them.
I analyze the part of the past, Study the present and then tell my clients the thing they need to do for a better future.
So if you do have any queries about any matter of life, Or seeking guidance about anything that is bothering the piece of your mind, Connect with me and I will put every possible effort to give you the answers you are looking for to get some relief and Ease. Thanks


I strongly believe that without practice one can't achieve the highest of their field, And it does require some time to master the Art.
Hello people, I have been involved with this field for the past 10 years of my life, Seeing every possible situation, Working on it and finding a solution for my clients, listening to them with empathy and passion, and understanding their situation with my God gifted abilities. Even as a kid whenever I used to have strong feelings or intuitions about somethings that thing used to happen 
I don't sugar coat my words but give my clients a Truth-Filled Reading regarding any matter of their life with my Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and intuitive abilities. 
I listen to my clients with full heart and patience and then tell them whatever my energies and spirits show me. My spirits give me a clear and point-to-point answer to your queries which sure helps my clients to remove a Burden of stress from their soul. I pick my clients from their feelings and emotions and then analyze their situation in depth to give them a Specific reading about their specific Questions.
I have had helped many people around the globe in organizing their relation and saving it from the point of falling, Helped people with their career options telling them which would be better for them to choose from which they can extract the most success. I have helped many people by clearing their heads filled with doubts circulating their marriage giving them the tiniest of the details that can help them to get their life on a better track.
So connect with me and set your soul on the journey of enlightenment. 

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