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I am a straightforward reader that won’t sugar-coat as this is your life and you make the final decisions. What I am seeing from the cards and spirit I will always give. This is where I am true to my guide whose name is Cathy. You will get a truthful reading that will empower you to make the decisions that you want in life. In life, we all come to a crossroads and this is where we are all faced with decisions that we do not like, but they have to be made. I will help point you in the right direction and will help guide you along the path that you choose. Life throws curveballs at us on times and it is not about avoiding them, but knowing how to use them to our advantage and in a way, this is also about life lessons for us as we are all human with thoughts and feelings at the same time.


I have been reading for more years than I can remember and started to read when I was around the age of 16 and I have a strong intuition since then. I can help you with new life paths or what direction you will go in, I can advise but the empowerment to move forward I can help you gain and help you trust again. I hold ‘Information, advice and guidance’ ‘A’ Level gained through Cambridge University. I developed my gift more when, within 7 years, I lost 10 family members. Then my gift got so much stronger so decided to give up work as a teacher and follow my path of what I was being pushed into with spirit. I could not do any other job now as the spirit is by my side all the time and helps me make the decisions in life that need to be made. When a reading is given, it is about taking all on board and waiting for things to happen. My own experience with spirit have been mind-blowing and often get visits through the night but at the same time and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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connected with me without details very wonderful reading, felt like she could see right inside me
Thank you so much I'll keep you posted... can you please send me more min if you can thanks?
thanks for reading. can you give me any insight on the kids? x
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