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Guided Tao


Hi, Guided Tao Here, Are your going through a Breakup, Reconciliations, Broken Hearts or any forms of Love relationship issues. Let me help bring some clarity to your situation. I'm Clairsentience and can tune into the hearts emotions of the matter. I can provide clear, accurate, nonjudgmental advice and guidance to get you through the rough terrain of loves journey. I'm Clairaudient and will tell you what they are saying, thinking and feeling about the relationship I will tell you if they are planning to moved on and what would be the best options or if they are planning to return. When you are unsure I'm here to help! Don't go through this along! You have questions, I have answers! Are you searching for your soulmate, wandering if he or she is the one I can help you. You are not along I' m here to guide and help you through the the hard time and help you fine peace, joy and light! Namaste!


My services as well as my experiences comes from a deeply rooted family heritage. In my youth and early adulthood I tried to avoid these gifts, until the spirit guides, angels and the universe, decided enough is enough. I was backed in a corner so to speak and could not accomplish anything but what was meant to be by wondering my god given talents. I must say it was as scary as it was exciting. I'm a clairaudient able to hear what's not heard. I receive guidence by tuning into my spirit guides and I use tarot to clarify. I am also Clairsentience, and a empath, intuitively being able to sense energy. I look forward to using my talents as they were meant, to help and guide you along your life path. To help heal the pains of heart break. I look forward to walking with you! Namaste!

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