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I can help to clear away a lot of the doubt around you, and offer the affirmation you need to further you in your life path, and help you to find the strength and guidance you need to embark on a new journey. I have assisted people for many years on how to help solve or improve their dating, love and relationship situations, as well as helping people that are struggling with any personal matters or life questions. I will guide you to a much happier life also, by giving you the reasons ‘why’ things are happening the way they are. Be prepared to know and see! AND CHANGE ANYTHING you want!  


I have inherited my gift for my native grandmother who toke me under her wing and became my teacher and mentor  She learned me that being a clairvoyant is a true blessing and meant to share with others to lead guide and heal them in their life. I have over 20 years experince in giving readings professionally helping others all over the world with their everyday life problems and deeper questions that need answers. My abilities include spiritual intuitive counseling  past life retrieval mediumship and clairvoyant giving true accurate and detailed readings. I have always been sensitive and compassionate with all my clients wanting them to feel in a safe and secure with getting their reading. I understand that it is a personal and sensitive experince and want my client to feel they are talking with a caring friend.  


She was right on the money about everything
Really laid back energy almost like a best friend or sister texting back and forth
great reading. thanks
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