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I am a Tarot reader who believes that the cards never lie. I’m passionate about helping you with relationship issues, career choices, and reconnecting you with loved ones (living and passed). My clients say that I’m honest, compassionate, and kind. I believe that the cards can help us see where energy is headed, and I like to take my readings a step further by helping you navigate any challenges we predict will arise. My strengths are clairvoyance (visions) and clairsentience (intuitive feeling/knowing). I use Tarot cards to validate my psychic visions and connect with my intuition. In this way, I can use the all-knowing energy of the universe to align you with your soul purpose and make sure that you’re making choices in your love life, career, and friendships that are more in alignment with who you truly are. I’m confident that I can make a lasting impression through a reading that will set you on a new path of joy and empowerment.


Professional Tarot Reader for 6 years, I consider myself clairvoyant and clairsentient, specializing in career, relationship, and family advice. I've been reading Tarot professionally at local wellness fairs and private events for many years. I am booked regularly for repeat events and have worked for many reputable Tarot resource sites. I have offered volunteer aid on local missing-persons cases as well. My clients say that I am compassionate, considerate, and truthful. I make every effort to conduct my readings with the utmost fairness and integrity. Over the past year, my client numbers have increased, and I regularly see 50-60 clients per month. When I’m not reading Tarot, I work for a large publishing company where I manage journal production. As such, I’ve been thrilled to combine Tarot and the written language and can offer my clients their own “Tarot homework” or intuitive exercises to help them grow in their spirituality and personal insight journeys. If you’re open to the power of the cards and your own intuition, we will be the perfect client-reader pair!

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Nov 27, 2018
Nov 27, 2018
Oct 19, 2018
super accurate!! omg she was amazing! I will definitely come back! I need her advice and accuracy in my life!!
Oct 19, 2018
she is absolutely the best. quick and to the point and didn’t ask any details of my name or dob. so on point and honest. truly lifted my spirits and took my anxiety away. thank you!
Oct 19, 2018
Sorry I am out off fund. Thanks you for your sharing
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