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Hi, I am an Astrologer and Counsellor. I will caste your natal chart showing the positions of planets at the date and time of your birth. I have been providing readings for customers for over 10 years. Before that, I provided many readings for friends and family. The natal chart will provide an in-depth profile of your personality, potentialities, motivation, and strengths. It will also assist you in identifying those areas in which you feel vulnerable and need to build confidence and self-esteem. Once I have calculated the chart I will then use what I see in the chart together with my intuition, developed over many years, to provide you with the insights my knowledge and experience can give. I am aware that Astrology can be highly technical. I am therefore careful to explain what I see in the chart to you in an understandable way. I am also a good listener and will use my experience as a counselor to respond to your questions with patience and empathy. I will then give you an indication as to what is likely arise in your life soon. Will I find that relationship? Will I get a better job? Will my money improve? I do this by using what are called transits and secondary progressions. These relate to the continued movement of planets after your birth as they relate to the planets in the natal chart throughout your life. I can also help you to alleviate stress by advising on meditation techniques using your breathing.


I first became interested in Astrology about 25 years ago. I quickly developed a love and passion for it. I then studied with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and completed their certificate course. I also studied with the Astrological Psychology Association in England who specialise in a type of soul based Astrology called the Huber method. This seeks to see the person concerned as a whole individual and to understand how each part of the personality relates to the character and potentiality of the complete individual. I am also a trained counsellor and can this skill as an extra layer to help you deal with any issues you may have in your life. In addition I have been a practising Buddhist for 9 years and have not only received many years of spiritual teaching but have also taught meditation classes for over 4 years. This can assist in dealing with trauma and realising that all difficult and traumatic experiences are transitory in nature.

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