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Hello! I am a trained clairvoyant, intuitive, energy healer and Life Coach with over 15 years experience. I help you find answers, release pain, or advise on a situation. A clairvoyant reading is a spirit to spirit communication where I help you to find the answers you are looking for. They are inside you! To be a clairvoyant means "to see clearly". It is not about making predictions. I have experience reading on any topic. Once a client says what they would like answers about I read the energy around the situation. It could be an immediate need for an answer, a next step, a past life and how it relates to this life, a relationship challenge, or just feeling stuck in pain. I work with your birth name, colors, and images. I am gifted at seeing the Bigger Picture than meets the eye. Knowing of something beyond what we can see often times helps us understand things better. To have your own energy flow freely is a definition of wellness. I know that everyone wants a sense of peace and that everyone wants to feel loved, on purpose, and fulfilled. My work is about bringing a sense of peace and a greater connection to yourself. People often leave my sessions feeling a little more empowered because they have an answer, a next step, a renewed sense of themselves. Everything is just energy and to be able to look at it and move it is nothing short of miraculous. To be able to assist people in getting clear, finding answers, and the feeling of returning to themselves is one of my greatest passions.


Previous experience as one who is trained to work with energy includes clairvoyant reading, which means to see clearly. My readings are a spirit to spirit communication where I can look at (read) the energy around a given inquiry. This helps people to find an answer, understand something, or make a decision to name a few things. My readings are not about making predictions. They allow for the client to know how to proceed. I work with your birth name, colors, symbols and can see blockages. There are only two kinds of energy: yours and everyone else's. Often times people just don't feel like themselves and they don't know why. Usually it's because this "foreign" energy (their energy) is in your space. This can happen after a workday or a situation in which you are around a lot of people, or an altercation etc. I have deprogrammed negative programs from upbringing, given guided meditations, tarot, taught basic meditation techniques and currently assist in global on line classes with the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. In each situation something or someone is changed, that is the main idea. Everyone has something they wish to change. My experience has been to help people to feel good or better, to feel peaceful, empowered, and calm. Pain is simply stuck energy and I help get your own energy flowing again. That is the aim of past and current on going work with clients.

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May 25, 2018
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