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You ask a question and I do a tarot reading for you! I have learned over the past 30 years the magic of the cards. Their symbols and meaning differ, depending on their surrounding cards. I come from a place of love and understanding when I do readings. I will tell you the truth no matter what! There are ways to handle discordant vibes, which I have quite a few charmed ideas and proven methods .When fortuitous conditions are present, I will let you know as well.


I have been reading cards for over 30 years.  I was born in Philadelphia where I worked at the Art Museum reading tarot cards for visitors and staff in a cozy nook.  I have travelled many places, including Australia and Alaska where I have read for celebrities and major athletes.  I have the Sacred book of Tarot, given to me by the Church of Light, which I use as my bible for readings.  Most of my clients are repeat customers, which I enjoy.  Giving advise or help to those who care enough to ask, is part of my life's work.


Thank you Sina for your reassuring answer :)
wasted my money when I told her what I was there for. tried to make small talk.
Thank you ran out of funds
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