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Goddess Sina


I have been reading tarot cards for the past 30 years, while traveling this glorious world. I have predicted many events in my clients’ lives and have guided them through certain situations where they needed my assistance every step of the way. I feel very blessed to be able to share my gifts with so many wonderful people along the way. The cards will reveal what they really mean to me about your situation, and provide the spiritual support that you will need along the way. I specialize in relationship readings, job offers, big business decisions, finances, and. life decisions . No question is unimportant, everything has meaning and symbolic portrayal of events coming into your life. It is better to know, than wider about things for years. That is wasting time, and time is all we have. I also read the Runes and can pull a rune to check the tarot outcome. I can do some dream analysis as well. Sometimes I may tell you to wear a certain color or give you lucky numbers, to bring more positivity into your life. I consult the Sabian Symbols book as well to check important answers. My clients vary from extreme rock stars and celebrities, to actors trying to make it in Hollywood. My gift is universal. Come see me, I’m here for you. Please send me a question and I will answer when I am free. Anytime.


I have been reading cards for over 30 years.  I was born in Philadelphia where I worked at the Art Museum reading tarot cards for visitors and staff in a cozy nook.  I have travelled many places, including Australia and Alaska where I have read for celebrities and major athletes.  I have the Sacred book of Tarot, given to me by the Church of Light, which I use as my bible for readings.  Most of my clients are repeat customers, which I enjoy.  Giving advise or help to those who care enough to ask, is part of my life's work.

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Absolutely the best out there! No need to say anything! Sina will give you the facts and is always right! ❤️❤️❤️💯
basically I am telling her what to tell me. this is a scam. In addition she is giving me her opinion. literally I have her my money for free to get upset and disappointed. she is not reading cards, she is asking me to give me answers. obviously she doesn’t know what she is doing
thank you so much !!! great clarity I’ll def be back
Thank you sina. Sorry I couldn’t get through again. I don’t know why cause I’m still loaded.
I’msorry ran out of funds if you could send me a coupon if not I’ll come back next week
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