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Goddess Rey


My Objective is to help and heal souls, help them find genuine love whether it's with a partner or finding love within there selves I Offer Tatort card and oracle reading. 

I also do runes

I have over 7 decks and a set of moonstones runes. I offer to heal the heart, mind, body, and soul by doing a cleansing yes even over the phone. I also help others on their spiritual journey and help them find their purpose in life it is not just a reading it is also guidance. I also offer ritual work if need be anything to help my people to become better for themselves and for their souls. This is a promise I made to myself that I will use my gift and help serve the people who need it. 

The Universe has its way of showing us that we all need guidance love peace and joy and can attain these things THAT THE UNIVERSE PROVIDES ASE ASE ASE O.


I started my spirtual learning at the age of five. I knew then I was not like every one else in my family. I stared using tarot when I was fourteen years old. My family did not appect my gifts so I was forced with religion and was not able to use them, so at the age of 27 I started remembering who I was and reclam my gifts becoming spiritually awaken again. I started studying. I even take classes online for Crystal healing and tarot both completed May of last year. Over the last five years Ihave been giving reading spritual and doing ritual healing work Ialso have a Teacher whom I work with for three years. Going in to my sixth year, I am so excited to be in this type of enviorment. My goal is to heal and to guide people on the right path to there divine destiny. I do alot of home services reading where random people just fine me they always tell me the universe has sent them. So I take it as I doing my divine job. Thank you for choosing me to do this special reading for you today. I hope you find the information I gave you is useful. If you have any more questions please comeback for a reading. Peace love light and hope to hear fom you soon . Thank you Goddess Rey

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