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I am Giovanni Luciano Benjamin de Braal: *I am offering: *Help in your situations. *Talk about people who are gone and say some things out of them (only if you have a item of this person that is gone) *Talk about paranormal things. *Help with your life path or paranormal path. *See a piece of your future. *Tell you what is the best to do.


I had sereval expierence when i was 4 years old the whole paranormal world started for me. I was young heard voices saw ghosts and other entities. This was gona after some years of praying. sometimes i still see them but it nearly never happend anymore. I have talked to my ex lover about her grandma and i knowed alot about the relationship between them. She was already gone at that time for a long time something around 8 up to 10 years. I had readed some people their minds with numbers pictures and so on. I have super much things that are happend but i can definitely help you out!!


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