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I contact those who have crossed over to help those who are here get closure and answers. Our loved ones are never out of reach from us. I know some people may be afraid to contact those who have passed because they are aftraid that person is mad at them or the spirit who died was not a very kind person in their lifetime. Who they were here on earth is not who they are over there. They have grown and are here to help us find the closure we need. I can communicate to spirits and spirit guides, I can also communicate with EB's (Earth Bound Spirits). For some they do not cross over like they should so I help them to go "home" I have seen so much joy after I have done a reading for someone. I have seen those who are hurting find the peace they deserve after their reading. If you would like to talk to someone who has crossed, I would love to help you. I believe that once we cross over, we keep the personality of who we were here but the anger or sadness isn't carried over. We become who we are meant to be which is "Beings of love and light" Spread the love Y'all


I was hearing spirits from a very young age. I would communicate with them and not really understand who I was talking to. As I got older I learned who "they" were and I realized what a great gift this is. I trully believe this is a gift, and I love helping others to feel better about where their loved ones are. I have been doing readings for about 18 years. I also have worked for another online psychic group and loved the people that I met their. I have done one on one readings and I have done readings for small groups (usually around 10 to 20 people) I love doing both ways but I do feel the reading is better if it is one on one because sometimes the information is very private so it is hard to talk about that in a group. I like as little information as possible, this way you will know that I am hearing your loved one and not just guessing. When I do my readings, I ask the individual to try and only say yes or no as much as possible. If it makes sense a simple yes will work. If it doesn't make sense then keep it in your mind because you never know it might later on.. So look me up and I will help you any way I can. Spread the love Y'all

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