Gina has been a reader for over 20 years and she has been helping people find their way for many years. She reads intuitively but also uses tools such as Tarot, Angel Cards, Oracles and The Pendulum. She loves to send her clients off with not only hope and direction, but clarity. Gina says that confusion and frustration are no way to live so she lives to clear these energies for those that feel a little anxious or suffering. Connect with Gina for advice in love, life and other matters.


The Tarot and Oracle have been my life since I was 15 although I have been very intuitive from a young child. I have been reading and studying the Tarot for 20 or so years. The Tarot and Oracle have pulled me out from some challenging places in my life and I now believe I can help people do the same. I have worked for the top psychic readers in Australia. I work within the light.

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can u plz send some mins plz
Arshdeep Bath
Arshdeep Bath
glo please let me know how long would that be . thanks
wonderful, straightforward and honest:)
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