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I am a Shaman and do activation with light language and help shift frequency. I see what spirits allow me to see to help facilitating healing. I am a Transmitter we are 15 who work on the energy grid the way i am doing it with my type of energy .We are all Divine creature and I am helping you to bring back love within You but  remember you are your own healer. You are not powerless..I can assist in bringing tools and comprehension .  I also work with emotional code charts and help identifiy blockages in the way of romance, money, health. To the most of any session with me, have a pencil, take notes and apply what we will receive as tools and vision for you. I could receive guidance for  vitamins supplement to add on your diet  or food to change..colors to wear..physical activity..vocabulary to be modified..a book to read and coach you on how heal your body with your own energy. I process from a higher plan ..and God is my main focus..to reassure our faith.

please be clear with youre question..have them note on a piece of paper.

Be in a calm place to receive energy transmit treatment and activation if you chose to .Its My specialty
Drink fresh water after a consultation

Be ready to let go..and allow to transform . invest in you..love youre self better now. dont waist any longer or youre precious life. 


Over the last  15  years I have help people  in activating perception  of energy..heal broken bones with sounds.. made laser operation with sounds..  (I have not done that in a few years now ). I still clear energy blocks, anxiety, facilitated a healing with 'shamanic tapping' different from the eft , in a few minutes, clear energy and restore light data.  I work with Deva of Flowers and essentials oils.

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