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Gifted Luke


Psychic and Tarot reader with 25 years experience dealing with love life questions, career moves, house moves and psychic experience. Spirit Medium and a member of a spiritualist union. Both the living and the passed will communicate to me during a reading, helping to get names and messages about loved ones, partners and friends both living and passed.  Help in how to clear away negative energy from the home and office. How to get a lover out of your thoughts and move on! How to tell if a partner still cares or who they are cheating on you with and possibly the name of the person they are cheating with or moved on with. How long it will take for them to return to you. Or if they ever will change and make you happy.   Big questions that need answers!


Tarot reading Palmist Spirit Medium travelling all over the world giving readings in Psychic Fairs and face to face from his office at home.  Luke is a third generation Psychic, working with Tarot cards and Psychic reading abilities. He is also a trained Spirit Medium and a member of a Spiritualist Church. Working with Tarot and crystals, Luke will tune in to your questions even before you ask them. He can feel the presence of the person your calling about and weather they are a trustworthy partner or not. He may even get their name before you give it to him. He an tell you when they are going to call and even when its the best time to leave them and move on to a new love entirely!  Specialising in finding the truth as quickly as possible. What that special someone is thinking and what they may be doing behind your back. Finding out immediately if they are your soul mate or just another wolf in sheep's clothing.   At the age of 3 years old I knew I had a secret ability. I developed my gift through my dreams since early childhood.  Spirit Medium from birth, customers ancestor's come through and names also come through into most if not all readings, or just the first letter of someone special to help connect. 

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