I have had strong experiences in life as learning to be able to give a more objective advice because I have lived different kind of moments within myself. I project good advice, full of light and a calm voice which people need to listen when they are having problems. I have learned Reiki which is the healing by imposing hands. Its origin is a Japanese ancestral techniques brought to America and expanded to achieve an energetic movement and unblock everything in any individual full of difficulties, giving a contribution of tranquility and benevolence both in the physical part as in the etheric. Reiki offers a deep meditation and a very broad connection, it allows you to heal other people physically, spiritually too. As physical illnesses are rooted in the spirit, worries are the roots of physical imbalances we must have to balance mind, body, spirit. I want to help people with my abilities to give them the peace that they need to find their way.


Good afternoon, I am tarotist. I have experience of 20 years reading the Tarot of Marseille having a communication with all the arcana (The tarot cards) which give me great answers and solutions that serve in moments of difficulty of people. The theme of the tarot is very timely since the arcana clearly speak to us I handle topics such as palmistry, cartomancy, law processes, where I visualize and advise according to the topic that will be treated as love, money, luck, spiritual guides, ascended masters. In the trajectory of my profession I have helped many people, but the primordial topic is related to love, the topics of romantic relationships will always be the first to solve. Nowadays, couples are going through a lot of difficulties. As advisors we have to help people in every issue they have also helping them to find balance in their completely. I have experience in topics such as essences that give us solution to different topics to be treated, gems, incenses, music, colors, these contributions act as medicine to improve people lives. Love will come to every existence as long as negative charges are thrown away, we use feng shui technique cleansing your work place or house and thus attract the energy we need in each case

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