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Relationship Problems
Gemini Light


I will offer you the most insight I can give just from the sound of your voice. Ever since I was a little girl, I could get impressions, visons and hear voices on the outcome of certain relationships. I will connect to you through your voice and hearing your question. Please speak clearly and I would ask that you are specific in your question as that allows me to quickly connect to the concern or issue you are needing insight on. These are only for relationships or connections you may have with a certain individual. In other words, their energy has somehow been connected to you through ( a date, phone, text, email.)  Im told that my accuracy is astonishing when it comes to relationship problems and their outcomes as I can pick up on the motivations and secret thoughts of others at the current moment . Due to free will, future outcomes can change. Please know that a gifted psychic can't tell when a person will change their mind. However, I can certainly psychically tune in to the person in question and feel their future motivations in regards to  you.In matters of the heart that what I am drawn to and what I am gifted with . I look forward in helping you on your journey through my talents in knowing if a certain relationship is to happen or if it was just a lesson for you to get past in order to reach your lifetime partner. Please feel free to ask those important questions and know that whatever the answer will be , I will help guide you through and give you advice on how the best course of action will be as I can tune into what the other person is thinking. This will help you avoid or be prepared for the best possible outcome if it is for your greater good.


I have been able to hear or see visions since I was a little girl. It took many years and the help and insight of my grandmother to help me see that I should not be afraid of the voices or visions that I would see before things would happen. I have been very good and accurate with relationships and determining the sex of a baby before its born. I can take one look at an expectant mother and know exactly what she is having . I have not missed.I have been reading for many years (10 years total), but have done it privately through word of mouth . It was the prompting of a dear friend who introduced me into the possibilties of going on a phone site.

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May 5, 2017
she was extremely fabulous to talk to very down to earth really liked her vibe she picked up immediately on my situation I feel she was very accurate on everything she said will give her 5 stars once predictions come to pass hope they do overall she is a gifted psychic and look forward to speaking with her again
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