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I am a soft-spoken psychic with a therapeutically soothing approach to my readings. I offer insight with the opportunity to verify and/or question anything that comes up in the reading, with information that crucially comes through revealed at that very moment that it comes through. I use no tools; rather, I pick up energies, vibrations, and use clairvoyance to get the necessary information without any fluff. I specialize in love/relationships (all phases/facets), career, finance, health, dreams, medium, and most any other issues except lost items. I can pick up other people through you, including if there is other people around the person (or people) you are asking me about. It is not always successful 100% of the time, but my rate of positive success is at or above industry standards (>75%).


I have been doing readings of all types (phone, email, in-person, chat, video, etc) for 16 years and am well seeded throughout the internet. I use no tools, and that seems to be popular when my clients inquire about that. I feel that tools are too much of a crutch, even though they are supplemental for most people I've spoken to over the years. I have been doing readings professionally. I have had many clients call me repeatedly, many of which rely on me as their sole spiritual advisor. I tend to get feedback around the context of 'no other psychic has ever told me that...' because my style and method of reading is genuine, honest, and frank. I use a very soft style to deliver hard to hear information that may be more delicate than usual. All information I reveal is completely confidential. No matter whether its positive or negative, what comes through is what you NEED to hear, not what you THINK you WANT to hear. Many of my callers are female, but I also get males too. I invite you to give me a try!


Thank you!
Rahika Saikia
Spot on! Thank you so much for confirming my intuition and your confirmation of situations and events.
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