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Freya Maeven
Freya Maeven
Love & Relationships
Freya Maeven


Using my nineteen years of experience in tarot and a lifetime in honing my empathic and intuitive gifts, I am able to recognize that there are sources in your life and energy field that you need help guided away from. I use Tarot cards, Oracle cards, and pendulums to help me interpret the messages I receive. I help discover inner light as well as offer thoughtful counsel for those who are seeking it. Your path is never set on your journey. You are truly capable of great change that can lead to a joyous life of great peace. By lifting your vibration frequency to a more enlightened place your spirituality, mind, and your being as a whole you can start looking forward to a wonderful new beginning every day. The world is full of amazing possibilities; it is my joy and honor to assist you in getting there. I offer my counsel for thought-provoking purposes only and do not seek to treat or diagnose medical issues that you should see your medical health professional for. 


I have been an empath and intuitive since birth and for the past twenty years, I have been trained to understand and harness my abilities to help others and myself. I feel what the client feels and it drives me to help find the answers being sought. I am a Master in Usui Reiki and Gendai practitioner. I am a certified spiritual life coach. With these invaluable tools, I have much to offer during my sessions with clients. I have walked the path of Shamanism as well always evolving and always growing. I am a graduate of Munay Ki and utilize these rites of initiation along with Reiki to spread my light and help those who have need of me. I have been a Tarot and Oracle reader for nineteen years professionally and I am very passionate about being a conduit for the client and helping them get the answers with honesty compassion and integrity. I have experience in doing sessions in person, on the phone, and online. 




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