I do spirit guided tarot readings. I specialize in both career/ finances and relationship readings. I feel that my greatest abilities are giving my clients clarity on what is coming their way and their next steps of what they can do if they don’t like where they are headed. I strive to give you stress relief and comfort from knowing how to approach obstacles. I offer answers in a straight forward and non judgmental way. I also ask your spirit guides for insight into your situation. Tarot has been my spiritual path and truest friend though out the years. My intention for all my readings is that guidance, direction and clarity will be the end result. I find that getting the information from both tarot and your spirit guides gives you a clearer picture of the issue. Plus spirit guides truly are a joy to talk to. They love you so much!! They want the best of the best for you!!


I am a clairaudient tarot reader, healer and ordained minister. I’ve been empathic and able to hear spirits since childhood. I picked up tarot in my early 20’s and haven’t looked back since. I have been reading for people now for over 20 years. My partner in crime and helper with all my readings is my spirit guide I call Steve. He helps me connect with spirits I need to be in contact with to help my clients. He also acts as a go between myself and a guide that may have a hard time connecting to me. I want to give credit to him and his fellow guides because it is really they who are doing the work and giving the messages.

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