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Astrology Queen


Hello, my name is Frances I'm a born gifted psychic medium and astrologer

I started working with my gifts at a young age. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by a spiritual family that embraced and used their psychic abilities for generations. I’m a 3rd generation psychic medium. 

I was taught by family and traveling around the nation worldwide has helped me embrace my gifts even more. I specialize in astrology and horoscopes. 

First I will start your reading and connect with Your spirit and spirit guides. I will also connect with your name and date of birth then I like to connect with the Astrology sign to kind of get an energy feel of what's going on. 

My readings are honest and straightforward. The more clear and open you are, the more messages you will receive from your Spirit Guides & universe. I can also communicate with others that have passed on in your life. 

I'm able to give you insight into every area of your life such as love, business, education, life purpose and much more. Your first reading will amaze you and give you the clarity needed to move forward to a better path.

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My experience as a psychic has been very good for working with others. My family is traveling psychics and spiritualists. I always looked up to my family for their accomplished goals. 

I started very young and as a child, it was not always easy there were a few skeptical people that didn't always listen to me or my family for a psychic reading or just a little guidance. I would say the best years I remember is my teenage and adult years as a psychic because my abilities improved and I had more strength and courage to impact the lives of others. My family always told me to love my spiritual gifts. 

My family really inspired me along my spiritual journey. I have helped many people to overcome anxiety, depression, heartache, and difficult relationships. 

Especially their self issues, family, friends, and love affairs. I would always hear my clients come back to me with there positive results that included good news from there psychic reading and future predictions that came to pass. My happiness comes from my clients. 

My clients always bring a smile on my face. I'm letting all my clients know I'm not only hearing for your questions. I'm here whenever you need me. I really appreciate your taking the time to read this and I will speak to you soon!




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