Forrest Raine


I am not your average person, I am an intuitive empath and lightworker with the goal to heal those who are fragmented, to connect the pieces together ultimately awakening the pure, sovereign and powerful cosmic being you truly are. I am Forrest. For a very long time, I was at odds with myself, with this world and its inhabitants. I fought through some very dark and intimate personal struggles, often questioning my very existence here and what it all meant. My experiences lead me to believe I was not long for this world. Through my personal trials came growth and understanding - my suffering here was all for a reason, I chose this path so that in this life I could break the sleep we enter in what I believe is a reincarnation trap, imposed on our pure form by parasitic invaders.


I am an Indigo starseed, light worker and intuitive empath. I have been tasked to assist those in need of reconnection and guidance along their own individual journeys. My experience comes from a natural talent to connect with my higher self and channel the answers you seek within your life. I have worked with several clients over the past few years and specialize in restoration of the connection between mind, body and higher consciousness. Some of my other abilities come in the form of holistic and metaphysical counselling. I seek wisdom beyond what we are taught to believe and make it my goal to provide individuals with the knowledge to use on the path of self-healing.

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