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I am a blind medium originally from Northern Ireland and I have been reading for clients for over 21 years. I use crystals that allow me to link in with your energy and also universal energy because we are all connected. I have naturally been linking with peoples energy since I was born owing to my blindness as this gives me insight into how a person is feeling or reacting given that I cannot see facial expression. This is just one of the many senses I have had to become used to relying on intuitively.I also use my spirit guides and during the reading they will provide us with insight, validation and most importantly protection. During my readings I will very much work with energy. I believe energy is very important to each and everyone of us and I would like to show you how to use energy to your advantage. My spirit guides will also allow me to talk to spirit so that anyone who is around you at the time of the reading has the opportunity to come through and speak to you. I will also be able to give you advice if you wish to meet your own guides and develop spiritually.


I first started giving readings around 21 years ago. My first experience connecting with spirit was when I brought my friends father through for him. It was a very moving time for both of us and it allowed him to let go of the past and move forward. From that day I decided to make this line of work my lifes path. I firstly started giving readings to friends and family whilst undergoing intensive training before I became a professional reader. During my training I have worked with many different mediums because each person works in a different way and I wanted to be as diverse as possible. I will all ways continue training as I believe there is still so much to learn. My readings are direct but compassionate and I look forward to reading for you.


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