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I use Tarot and ANGEL ORACLE Cards to connect you with your higher self. My readings are full of positivity and love with the goal of helping you find inner peace and healing. 

I have the ability to look beyond what a lot of other people see, my clairvoyant abilities allow me to see, hear, feel, and interpret all types of messages being sent by the universe. 

I believe that the eyes are the window to the soul, your soul radiates whatever you’re feeling or going through At that moment, that is then radiated as an energy field called an AURA, it ranges in colors for each person, I can see and interpret other people’s auras in order to help guide their soul in the healing process. 

Many people wonder if number combinations mean anything, numerology contains an immense amount of information about past lives, aspects of your life that need to be healed, your relationship with those around you, etc. 

I can help guide you through this experience through a numerology reading where I take your name and birthdate information and unlock the information deep within your soul.🔆


Ever since I was young, I knew I had a special set of skills that no one else around me did. 

Once I started strengthening my relationship with my ARCHANGELS, they stood by my side helping nurture and grow my intuition, one that now gives me the ability to channel spiritual messages from the universe. 

With the use or Tarot Cards and ANGEL ORACLE CARDS I have served as a messenger to many people in order to help them connect with their inner soul, a loved one that has passed, or the universe, etc. 

I find great joy in helping people find their inner peace and be able to connect with their souls.🙏

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