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Life Coaching


I find myself always searching for the true meaning of every situation. Empathic and clairvoyant, I am able to connect myself to what is around me, perceivable or not. Passed down from generations, my psychic abilities have given me the abilities to interpret messages from the subconscious mind through dreams and tarot cards. 

Ever since I was a child I had the ability to really connect with people through empathy, I was able to see a snippet or what they were going through, almost like a vision. My first reaction was fear and confusion, but later on speaking to guides they taught me to always trust in myself and in my intuition. They told me that I was here to help those around me. In my practice I use Tarot and Oracles cards.

My readings are all tuned into your energy and are channeled intuitively. I receive messages through images, words, colours, downloads, and channeling into what the other person may be thinking or feeling. 

My Specialties 🔆

  • Romance and Relationships
  • Healing from  break-up
  • Soulmate readings
  • Grieving 
  • Losing a pet
  • Career reading 
  • Anxiety and Depression


My readings are very detailed and thorough. Growing up as an empath, I found it very easy to connect with people around me, i like to keep my readings full of dialogue and accurate messages. 

I have been doing Tarot and Oracle card readings for over 3 years now. I have specialized myself in the fields of love, loss, grief, and anxiety. I have been lucky enough to connect with so many souls on a spiritual level. My biggest take away is that we are all fulfilling a life plan that we have chosen before coming into this life. This experience we are living in now is allowing us to further our spiritual journey towards healing and finding true inner peace.

After losing someone very special to me,  a lot of things around me changed. I began to question why things happen the way that they do and how this could possibly be for my greater good. I found myself asking more and more questions the more i continued to dig for answers. It was clear that the first step towards getting my answers was facing the idea of death head on. Once I began to really get a grasp on the idea that death is a gift instead of a punishment, things began to make more and more sense.

I deliver my messages with accuracy and compassion. I am drawn towards the true meaning of every situation that is going on. I use Tarot and Oracle cards to deliver the proper readings and guidance during sensitive and rough times. I can help you discover the light within you when you may need it most.♥️




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