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ACCURATE & INSIGHTFUL *** QUICK TO CONNECT! I can tell YOU the answers YOU need to know right now! I connect to the subconscious mind, your/others energy, my/your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Higher Self to gain access to information. Want the TRUTH? Need to know what to do? Let's get you the clarity you desire and deserve now! I have confidence in my abilities and trust my connection with Divine guidance. Do not feel lost or alone in your current situation. Let me help get you the clarity and guidance that you have been led to me to receive! Using my gifts, given to me by The Divine, I can help you sufficiently! We can get to the HEART of your situation by use of Tarot cards, Oracle cards, and Channeled Guidance! Together, we can clarify problems in YOUR LIFE. I can Listen to what is not being said and See how others truly feel, think and their ultimate intentions for you! How I read: I am very straight-forward and will tell you the energy underneath your emotions. I can tap into and sense underlying fears/doubts/worries that may be blocking you from attaining your ultimate goals. My work is based on the Law of Attraction and that there is NO Law of Assertion (no one can make you feel or do anything unless you allow it). When working with me: My goal and soul purpose is to help you live your best life! I will help guide you through any issues that may come up during reading such as: grief, sadness, fears of abandonment, loneliness, fears of failure and even fears of success. You will be guided gently and with love during all sessions. I aim for fun, high vibrations, and empowerment in every session! Let's get started now! *Please understand that Psychics are not 100%. Negative energy and emotions can determine the outcome of any reading.


2O+ Years as a Psychic Medium, Life Coach, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Alternative Medicine BodyWorker, Reiki Specialist, and Medical Professional. I am an Intuitive Wellness Coach with clientele worldwide. I am tuned into My Higher Self consistently. I am a Twin Flame Divine Feminine and offer to coach to Twin Flames worldwide. I have been Spiritually gifted all my life, passed down through generations. The Universe gave me the gifts to Hear, Feel and See things that others may not be turned into. I feel energies around people and talk with their Spirit Guides, Guardians, Angels, and Higher Self. I am very straight-forward and get to the core of your questions with ease! If you are in need of clear answers, I will provide you with pointed advice about your LOVE & Life problems! My readings will bring you clarity and amaze you! I follow Native American traditions and work closely with Spirit Guides to bring you the clarity you need and guidance that you deserve! My meditations and prayers to The Universe Spirit are for protection, permission, clarity, and insight for the greatest good of us all. I followed my inner calling to be here in loving service to help guide you in YOUR time of need. Do not hesitate, CONTACT ME NOW! Helping you with your concerns are my Soul's Purpose. I will tell you how best to move forward in all areas of your life, including relationships. I will ask your Higher Self, Angels and Spirit Guides to give you the guidance and information that you need to hear. My top priority is to help you SUCCEED in LOVE & LIFE! I am determined to help you through times of doubt when you are unsure of your next move. Love & Light ~FeatherFall~ **Getting advice from FeatherFall is ethical, secure and confidential.

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thank you and god bless
Thank you for your insight!
thank you
seems like a nice person but seemed to just be pulling things out of nowhere... nothing was resonating and she didn't try to remedy that.
thank you so much for your time and research insurance sorry airtime got cut short I'll be back soon
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