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TRUST THE UNIVERSE *** CONTACT ME NOW! YOU were LED to ME by a Higher Power! I can tell YOU the answers YOU need to know right now! I connect to the subconscious mind, your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to gain access to information that you have been wanting to know. Want the TRUTH? Need to know what to do? Let's get you the clarity you desire and deserve now! I have confidence in my abilities, trust my connection with Spirit and Divine guidance gained through use of Tarot and Oracle Cards. Do not feel lost or alone in your current situation. Let me help get you the clarity and guidance that you have been led to me to receive! Language English My Approach Using my gifts, given to me by The Great Spirit, I can help you sufficiently! We can get to the HEART of your situation by use of Tarot cards, Oracle cards and Channeled Guidance! Together, we can clarify problems in your LIFE. I can Listen to what is not being said and See how others truly feel, think and their ultimate intentions for you!


I have been gifted all my life, passed down through generations. The Universe gave me the gifts to Hear, Feel and See things that others may not. I am also an intuitive Tarot Reader. I can feel energies around people and talk with Spirit Guides, Angels and Guardians. I have always been able to sense how others are feeling. I only share my gifts with people seeking guidance. I'm a full-time Psychic Tarot Reader. My clientele is world-wide! I am very straight-forward and get to the core of your questions with ease! If you are in need of clear answers, I will provide you with pointed advice about your LOVE & Life problems! My readings will bring you clarity and amaze you! I follow Native American traditions and work closely with Spirit Guides to bring you clarity you need and guidance that you deserve! My meditations and prayers to The Universe Spirit are for protection, permission, clarity and insight for the greatest good of us all. I followed my inner calling to be here in loving service to help guide you in YOUR time of need. Do not hesitate, CONTACT ME NOW! Helping you with your concerns are my Soul's Purpose. I will tell you how best to move forward in relationships. I will ask your Angels and Spirit Guides to give you the guidance and information that you need to hear. My top priority is to help you SUCCEED in LOVE & LIFE! I am determined to help you through times of doubt, when you are unsure of your next move. Love & Light ~FeatherFall~ Getting advice from FeatherFall is safe, secure and confidential.

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great session
Amazing lady! she understood exactly what I was going through and gave me the power boost for the day?. Love her?
please complete
very good
I would love to finish the reading ran out of funds I think he might be we started years ago and then fell apart and then now it's like a full circle between us so I can't say for sure but I know what I feel thank you so much you really were great I hope to be able to speak to you again in the future
never answered my question just kept asking her own
good reading! please send minutes to continue
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