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Facundo Dalfiume


Hello, my name is Facundo! In this profile, I offer my divination services using different methods, which can offer answers to a plethora of concrete and spiritual matters of all kinds, from conjunctural situations where it is necessary to find some kind of clarity in the face of various options that arise, or when the course of action presents obstructions difficult to avoid, or in cases where obscurations make it difficult to see the most appropriate path in a present circumstance. In general, cartomancy, I ching, tarot, geomantic reading and runes can help to envision the most fortunate paths or provide a new angle that may indicate a course of action. I use as many regular decks, such as oracular, Etteilla, Lenormand, and tarot decks for those purposes, and tablets to get geomancy and I ching readings. Regarding cleromantic methods, both in the case of the I Ching, as in geomancy and the runes, I have experience generating complex pictures to contrast them with different dimensions of the subject that are being analyzed. Likewise, to find aspects related to the personal style with which one is linked to experience, astrology, the Bazi and the Zi Wei Dou Shu, together with numerology and the Mewa, become the most diverse tools to generate a multifaceted profile of personality and destiny. Finally, it could be said that in the most performative and ritualistic aspects of metaphysics, the pendulum, the magic mirror, tantric meditation, as well as the generation of amulets and sigils through the fire, a great accompaniment to the intentions of those who are interested and be a source of connection with the spirit, offering them possibilities of contemplation and resolution.


For the last ten years, I've been performing readings, integrating different methods of fortune-telling, divination, and metaphysics, and developing an intuitive style of thorough visualization. Choosing the most appropriate method according to the vibe of the moment, and the client disposition. Contrasting the intuitive methods of tarot, cleromancy, and cartomancy, along with the astrological diagrams of geomancy, Bazi, and astrology. In general, my readings allude to the particular moment, the nature of the matter, and the person in question to find the most appropriate method, and thus use intuition and visualization to proceed in an organic way that is sensitive to the situation and in that way offer the most honest advice either to approach a practical situation as an energetic overview of the nature of the circumstance and the perception of it, at a given moment. Thanks to extensive research, practice and physical visualization methods, I have developed proficiency in the methods of cartomancy, cleromancy, astrology, metaphysics, and all kinds of ritual processes with which I can be useful to solve the questions of my consultations.

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