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Psychic Fallon


I am an accurate Psychic and Law of Attraction Coach with 6 years of Experience reading Tarot and helping women just like YOU get what they WANT out of their relationships, and life! You and I will work together using the Tarot, and Oracle Cards, to discover any blocks that may be affecting YOUR LOVE LIFE. Next I will give you CUSTOM Affirmations to Win over your Special Person, and get them to CALL and CHASE YOU! Still in love with an ex? I can help with that too. Lets bring them back to you!! Together we can Flip the Script and re-write the direction of Your Relationships! I am a very Empathetic Psychic and Spiritual Advisor which means I give Compassionate, Non-judgmental, Honest, Accurate and Helpful Readings. It also means I will tell it like it is. But dont worry, because if you dont like what the cards have to say, I will TEACH YOU Techniques to help you manifest YOUR DESIRES, and get what you acctually want out of the situation. Im here to help YOU. So, let us shed some light on your questions and the situations that are weighing you down. I read straight to the point in order to set your mind at ease and give you the answers and CLARITY YOU NEED. Lets Chat Today!


I am so passionate about giving spiritual aide, and clarity to all of those who need it. Following in the footsteps of wise women who have come before me is an absolute honour. I treasure every moment I get to spend connected to spirit, reading cards and doing divination work for you! I would love to help bring you clarity! Seven years ago, after an incredible meeting with one of my guides, I began practicing and fine tuning my natural psychic abilities. I work along side angels and guides to relay messages from spirit using oracle cards, runes, and pendulums, and automatic writing. Over the years I have been lead down many paths, including studying various forms of Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Spell Craft, Manifestation - the Law of Attraction, the Astral Planes, and Divination. All of these different spiritual paths and methodologies have given me a wide array of useful techniques to connect with spirit and give accurate readings. I read intuitively and there is always a new message to be seen and heard in every card. A new way of interpreting each image and phrase. Even after reading them for years.

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