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Faith Devine


As a gifted seer, I have faith in conscious creation and the role of Divine Providence in our lives. I believe in the power of prayer. My Guides assist me to channel the Guides in your life and in the lives of your lover and family. My natural abilities and expertise in the art of reading Tarot combine to provide you with a fast and accurate reading. What do you think is the most influential element that determines when an event will occur? The answer might surprise you. You control the timeline of your future! A common misconception is that the future is set in stone. In fact, your future is fluid. Your can change what lies ahead when you reconsider your beliefs, your thoughts, and your emotions. What you focus on will determine when something happens. Get control of your energy and thoughts. With my gift as a seer, I can see beyond your current vision. During your reading, I will show you how your future surpasses your plans and expectations. Be prepared for your reading with pen and paper. Take detailed notes. As you apply what you discover during the reading, your life will come into focus. The first step on the path to your future is waiting. Contact me today.


I work with tarot for five years for now. From the moment I started doing the readings, I have changed the lives of dozens of people.

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Super sweet man. Stayed up late to take my call and help me with a situation
Great reading! Will be calling him back.
Awesome as always!!
Each time you tune in more and more, this time you helped me confirm the personal awakening I'm experiencing and I can't thank you enough for listening and for sharing what you shared with me. I know that regardless of the ways I take the outcome will be okay/bearable, but thanks to you I know that some of those ways lead to better peace of mind/happiness for me than others. Thank youuuu
Just wanted to say thank you again and pretty sure we connected on the healing times since I felt definitely something the last night after our talk.
You are always awesome, I just got a "fraud alert" on my credit card so they cut me off!! I need to call them to assure them it was not fraud and then I will call back :) thank you! Accurate as can be today!
I didn't believe him and just confirmed his remote viewing skills lol. Please send some minutes if you see anything more with all these multiple situations =)
Only psychic I trust..thank you so much for all of the encouragement and support you give! :-)
He is the best, trust me, I've done my homework and it is clear that he is truly truly gifted.
Thank you. Mom has been in the hospital the last 2 days with fever and infection, but good news, came, no growth and no new tumors seen on CT. D has called and emailed. I am ready to go see him already. Still tired, but I think I am improving a little.
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