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Evony Jean
Evony Jean
Love & Relationships
Evony Jean


My topics: Relationship Expert Love Readings Sex Future Career ANYTHING I have been a Clairsentient since a child and have loved the connection I have with spirits, this prodded me to start offering readings from the age of 15, I now have thousands of readings under my best, with a high degree of accuracy! I am a Cancerian so I am empathetic, spiritual and sensitive. I have an honest heart so my readings are not always what you want to hear, but I must say as the spirits or my tools guide me! For my readings I use my Clairsentient Gift, Tarot or my Pendulum. I am always looking for new tools to use in my readings! I have been giving professional readings since the age of 18 and I now believe that it is my calling to help people.


I was born into a very spiritual family with my mother being Clairvoyant and my Grandmother before her. I was born with the gift of Clairsentience and have communicated with spirits ever since I can remember. I have been giving readings ever since I could talk, I would always feel compelled to tell others what the spirits are wanting them to know. I even read to strangers on the street from a very young age, obviously the spirits didn't understand stranger danger. I started giving proper readings from the age of 15 and it became my passion to help people. I started giving readings to people that weren't friends around 2012 and since then it has become my profession. I started out just giving readings from spirits but now I have trained myself to read Tarot cards, interpret dreams and use a pendulum to assist me in readings. My readings are always done with kindness and with empathy, everyone deserves to be treated that way. In all of my readings I am honest, ethical and do not bring my opinion into it, creating a judgement free space that the spirits guide. I have always given as much guidance to ensure that my clients always have as much as they need to make informed decisions.

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She’s very gifted and fast connection
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