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Evie Fay
Evie Fay
Spiritual Reading
Evie Fay


I am an internationally known psychic and medium who is here to help you explore your life, investigate pathways and outcomes, and discover answers, actions, and solutions with Inspired Guidance from the Spirit World. I offer a unique combination of bones and tarot in my readings. Readings are based on the card meanings, numerology, and kabalistic associations of each card as well as the messages which come from ancestors, guides, and spirits. I incorporate tarot, playing cards, and bones (bones, curios, and ancestral trinkets), and direct messages from guides and spirits to bring guidance and deep insight into your life. During a reading, I pull three central cards, then breathe into the spirits of the bones to awaken them. Next, I cast the bones over the cards for a well-rounded reading, plus information from the spirit realm. I also pull clarification cards and will occasionally use my pendulum. I will help you uncover pathways to understanding, drawing a deep and meaningful answer to the questions you bring to your reading. General readings will sometimes bring up surprise information, so you need to be open to what you hear. Don’t deny something because it seems difficult or isn’t what you want to hear. Sometimes obstacles are opportunities in disguise. People and situations do not happen TO us. They happen FOR us, enabling us to learn and evolve into the best and most complete version of ourselves. This results in fulfillment and happiness. Question based readings, which I generally prefer, bring opportunity for answers and actions. I will help you gain insight about your life and situation, resolve worry, find direction and consider various outcomes. Some readings will answer questions and bring validation, others will become counseling sessions. This depends on you and on the direction of the energy. I don’t tell you your future, but open you to possible outcomes. The future is not static; it changes with each choice we make. I can also call through guides and deceased loved ones who have messages for you; I can help to open and progress the relationships or provide comfort and closure. These readings contain messages and symbolism; many times, words and statements will come up that make no sense to me, but are significant to my client. I offer guided meditation, journeys, and distance based energy healings and chakra balancing sessions upon request.


I experienced my first spirit visitation at age 3. From then on, my connection to the other side has continued to grow. I have a strong connection to the ancestors and much of my work involves ancestral teachings and healing. Research has shown that the experiences of our ancestors still exist in our own cellular memory, whether positive or negative. Beliefs and patterns are passed down through generations and affect our lives in both known and unknown ways. I also facilitate shadow work as a means of acknowledging the whole self to be happy and fulfilled in life and on a personal level. Ancestral work and shadow work are closely connected and can bring about profound experiences and realizations. This is in addition to my divination work and work as a medium. I am creating classes on ancestral healing and ancestor work as well as shadow work. As a child, I loved to spend time in nature and worked with the animals, stones and trees, creating magic. Nature is an integral part of our being. All things are living and connected; nature can be a strong teacher and healer. Our own spirits as well as physical bodies follow the cycles of nature and when this is acknowledged we create a wholeness of self and a place of health. I am a born psychic, medium, and witch. I have been reading cards and conveying spirit messages for over 30 years. In addition to simple readings I offer action plans to either attain a possible future which comes up, or ways to avoid this outcome if that is what my client prefers. I also convey messages from guides and loved ones who have passed. I continue my studies and self-development daily, striving to bring about the fullest experience possible. Life is never stagnant and learning is a continuous process. I am trained and certified in numerous energy healing modalities, a reiki master, life coach with training in psychology, a spiritual counselor, and an ordained metaphysical minister. After decades as a solitary witch, I have found my path and am initiated in the Wardwell Tradition of American Witchcraft. I am planning on following the priestess path.

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