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Evie Bell
Evie Bell
Love & Relationships
Evie Bell


I am also proficient with casting spells. As an Empathic Psychic and a Tarot Reader, I am here to guide you to the life you have always hoped and dream of living. I use the Tarot cards as my technique, along with my natural-born abilities to provide you with an accurate, direct and honest reading. I also perform astrology, numerology, dream interpretation, and past life readings. Are you going through a difficult time? Do you have deep questions to uncertain issues? I genuinely want to help. I am open minded and very easy to speak with, just like an old friend. Feel free to ask about any concern, as I will bring clarity to any clouded situation. The future is not set in stone; we all have the ability to write our own story. Life changes can be made and I would love to be the Advisor to help you find your path to true happiness. Let's take a look together to see what the universe has in store for you. I look forward to offering you my assistance and speaking with you. Have a blessed day.


I have been performing readings professionally by phone, chat, and email for ten years now. I'm an Empath, clairvoyant, and proficient in Tarot cards. I am also able to provide astrological compatibility readings for love and relationships. I am easy to talk to and share with, whatever answers you may be seeking, I will be more than happy and capable to provide you with accurate and compassionate insight. I specialize in all manners of questions and guidance needed. I look forward to speaking with you and giving you the answers you are seeking. There are no areas of doubts you have that I cannot provide clarity into.   

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