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I offer advice through the aid and use of the Thoth Tarot deck; brought to life by the teachings and knowledge of Aleister Crowly and the art and expertise of Lady Frieda Harris. I have four main spreads to choose from: -General spread which provides a general outline of the querent's situation, detailing life's tendencies as well as a few turn points that should be taken into consideration and a brief summary of the querent's karma. -Past, Present and Future. A spread in which we can obtain the relevant influences that come from the past, the state of the present affairs and the possibilities brought by the future. -Decision aid. A short spread that answers a specific question. The spread reveals the nature of the question, the do's and dont's and the possible outcome of said situation. -Relationships spread. Defines a relationship between the querent and another person in terms of mind's, heart's and apparent posture (How the querent and the other person feel, think and act towards each other.) as well as the central nature of the relationship. Each spread can be done individually, the complete session includes all 4 as well as clarification upon the subtle point within each spread. The full reading takes between one hour and an hour and a half. If the querent is interested in a single reading he general spread is the one recommended.


I have studied the occult arts since I was 15 years old. With my grandfather as my mentor -who studied and became an accomplished follower of the Holy Mother Death (as per the ancient Afro-Caribbean/Mexican custom) and was a regular student/member of the Gnostic teachings. I have been using the Thoth Tarot deck since September 2015, performing readings for close friends and relatives. After I began my studies under the Gnostic doctrine (as taught by Samael Aun Weor) I started performing readings for strangers; I would set-up a small stall in a public park and after a couple months f doing so I would get a regular crowd. Since then I have continued reading the cards for personal aid and to help other people. I merge the knowledge obtained from the Gnostic, the Hermetic and the "Santeria" currents of thought in conjunction with the masterpiece created by Crowley to provide guidance.

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Jul 16, 2018
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