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I have knowledge about psychic issues such as energy management, chakras which we can align them obtaining in each person prosperity in all planes of the human being such as their bodies, mental, physical and spiritual aspects. Work with energy balances each spiritual point and It provides us with series of elements to solve issues such as interpersonal relationships, separations, unions, lovers, sex which is a common topic of disequilibrium between people, and this generates several problems. I can collaborate to each person who comes to my consultation obtaining great results and tranquility, that can know if their relationship is toxic, if can lose it or if there is something to do and have the power to fight for this couple. I handle sinastria topics in which we find the power of the stars as well as their influence on the psyche of each person, in their relationships and their aspects of life, which gives me the necessary information to know how to advise each person in the search for their soulmate, in the search for that ideal love, or how to handle the heart and love problems that afflict the most part of the world's population, the lack of patience, since people grow up as children and when families change the company for money, making children grow up with flaws of love and compassion, due to the techniques of alignment of chakras and the birth chart I can give the best advice and people will be able to know which paths should follow through the different phases of their life.


I have been working with chakras alignments for 9 years, finding that love is the driving force of people and as long as we can be happy in the sentimental part we will find a better lifestyle for all the consultants. I work on topics such as: Chakra 1: topics such as self-esteem, daily struggle, money, economy. Chakra 2: themes of sexuality, relationships, love, desire, children, pregnancies, ability to have children, family, lovers. Chakra 3: topics related to interpersonal relationships, dialog, talk, studies, communication. Chakra 4: topics such as self-love, love, soul mate, protection, spirituality. The other chakras are used for upper levels, where I teach spiritual science classes such as tarot and astrology, I have knowledge about the meaning of dreams, and clairvoyance. I feel the problems of people as a sketch in my mind. I have worked clairvoyance that is produced by the development of the chakras and the spiritual development that I have had, learning from experience and practice, experience with the elementals, working with all the people who need an economic, loving or physical improvement process. Obtaining great results in this way, people stabilize each one of their life needs, assuming that everything is born in the spiritual part.

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Mari Bravo
Mari Bravo
said that me and my ex will be together in the next few weeks. hope it comes to pass
he sees I’m struggling so badly with my life and work situation and doesn’t help at all
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