I am a skilled Tarot and Lenormand cards reader with deep intuitive insight. I prefer to give rational and reasonable answers to my clients, using my knowledge about the Tarot, intuition and logic. My advices are practical and useful in any life situation. I can give you an answer about love, relationship, business, what to choose between more options, the best choice, dream meaning, current situation and possible development, spiritual development, karmic relationship and karmic lessons. I am giving my best In order to help you dealing with uncertainty, ease the worries, overcoming and prevent troubles, make the best chooses for yourself, advance in any aspect of life and being fulfilled.


I have 10 years experience in astrology, I did natal chart readings, horary readings and synastry, both modern and traditional western astrology.I've been interested in Tarot for 8 years and Tarot reading is my fokus for last 3 years. I previously used Toth Tarot deck and now I'm doing my readings with Rider - Waite tarot deck.I also have experience with energy healing, using crystals for healing and meditation, using pendulum for divination and as energy detector, lucid dreams, precognition, spiritual self development and occult.

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thank you for your time I enjoyed the reading I hope it plays out smoothly
Ran out of funds but thank you very much! ????
Thank You Esther! appreciate you quick replies and straight to the point answers that gave me the clarity I needed :) Will be back
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