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Love & Relationships


    I am a mystic with Native Ancestry from Taos, New Mexico.  For the last 13 years, I've lived nomadically and traveled in more than 30 countries, developing my intuition and deepening my spiritual awareness throughout my journeys.  I was raised in a spiritual family who encouraged my natural gifts of clairvoyant perception from an early age.  I've worked with Tarot & Astrology for 25 years, with my first experiences before the age of 10.  I've read for tens of thousands of clients around the world.  It is my pleasure to help people towards their highest and

My readings are compassionate and well rounded.  I'm able to tune in quickly for insights. I'll read into all aspects of your situation and into the perspectives of anyone else involved.  Our reading together will involve multiple elements incuding Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology to get a whole perspective of what is happening presently, and what you can expect going forward.  Combined with years of extensive research in the areas of relationships and psychology, my methods for divining intuitive insights generate accurate insights time and time again.

   I care very deeply for my clients! You can trust that I am committed towards a standard of integrity with my craft, and so I will not sugarcoat for positive reviews. Readings are unique to your energy and present situation.  I specialize in Love, Dating, Relationships; Finances, Career, Life Path, and Connection with the Spirit Realm.  Please come to me with questions for any situation.  It is my pleasure to connect with you and help to guide you towards your greatest, most joyful future +*


    I was very young when I first began working with Tarot & studying Astrology, receiving my first Tarot deck and metaphysical literature before the age of 10.  Throughout my whole life, I've been encouraged by spiritual guides to explore my natural gifts of heightened perception and Clairvoyance.

    When I was 21, I had an experience that completely changed the course of my life.  Risking my “future”, I decided to leave everything I knew and to begin traveling.  During the last 13 years,  I’ve lived nomadically with Tarot and other crafts in more than 30 countries.  I long ago surrendered to the Divine path, guided by faith and connection with spirit.  I've lived a life beyond my wildest dreams, and this sense of freedom has allowed me the opportunities to refine my gifts in practice while dedicating plenty of time to study, self care, and loved ones.

    In 2019, after my father passed, I began experiencing a dramatic increase in paranormal activity. My psychic perception heightened, and I saw my life path evolution becoming more clear.  Today, I have read for multiple thousands of people from all over the world, personally and on psychic platforms.  I am dedicated to bringing clarity to every situation!  My clients have had incredible successes, from reconnections with lovers, to a 50 lb weightloss success that one client attributes to her mindset shifts since doing regular sessions with me. I am inspired by so many client journeys, and continue to offer support and inspire everyone at every stage of their process. 

    I have trained with Psychic programs, and have completed a Life Mentorship Program.  I am also a certified Yoga Instructor (200 hours in India), Sound Healer, and am attuned in Level 1 Reiki.  I've traveled the world with my gifts for many years, experiencing a wide range of spiritual healing modalities and devotional practices including Sound Healing, Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork, Yoga Asana, Mantra, Sweat Lodge, Medicine Journeys, Balinese Ceremonies, Firewalking, Buddhist Meditation, and more +*




Feb 13, 2024
okay I will keep being patient even though it’s hurting but I love him, he is worth the wait to me. thank you for the reading I appreciate it and really needed it. blessings to you
Feb 7, 2024
Feb 2, 2024
Dec 29, 2023
thanks a lot for the advice, much appreciated
Dec 29, 2023
amazing read ! thank you thank you
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