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Love & Relationships


    I am a mystic with Native Ancestry from the sacred mountains in northern New Mexico.  For 12 years, I've lived an unimaginably blessed experience as a nomad in more than 20 countries, because of trusting my intuition 🌗 It's an honor to help people access their higher knowing and to share my gifts with beautiful souls around the world; bringing that magic home to my roots time and time again!  

    My natural clairvoyant abilities were apparent very early in life.  As I grew up, I was encouraged to explore sprituality outside of my religious upbringing by incredible spritual members in my family network.  I've been learning Tarot since I was 10 years old, now reading for more than 20 years!  Our reading together will be an experience involving multiple elements.  I'll tell you my natural insights, supported by Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology to get a clear and whole picture for you of what is currently happening and what you can expect to happen.  Combined with years of extensive research in the areas of relationships & psychology, my methods of divining have generated accurate insights time and time again. 🌚

    I have the ability to tune into your and other people's energy very quickly.  I'll tell you clearly what I see with compassion and encouragement.  I care very deeply for my clients! You can trust that I am committed towards a standard of integrity with my craft, and so I will not sugarcoat for positive reviews. Readings are unique to your energy and present situation. 

    I specialize in Love, Dating, & Relationships, and read on:  Finances, Career, Life Path, & Connections with the Afterlife.  Please come to me with any questions about your situation!  It is my pleasure to provide you with clarity.

    People have said that the energy of my readings has actually triggered progressive activity within their situations!  It very often occurs that I’ll read for someone’s person of interest, and that person reaches out to the client during or soon after the reading.  I’ve seen clients grow immensely during the course of our connection, and witnessing this has inspired me every day to continue doing what I love.💜

    I am passionate about helping people with my gifts.  I invite you to read with me whenever you want guidance, insight, and support.  I am here for you 💫


    I was very young when I first began working with Tarot & studying Astrology, receiving my first Tarot deck and metaphysical literature before the age of 10.  Throughout my whole life, I've been encouraged by spiritual guides to explore my natural gifts of heightened perception and Clairvoyance.

    When I was 21, I had a major life-changing experience, and took an immediate decision to change the course of my life dramatically! During the last 12 years, I have developed my intuitive skills and reading practice.  I’ve lived nomadically with Tarot and other crafts in more than 20 countries (within Europe, Asia, Africa, and North, Central, & South America).  In the sweet surrender to my spiritual path, I’ve done what I love while managing my own schedule. This freedom has given me the opportunities to refine my gifts in practice while dedicating plenty of time to study and self-care, and allows me to show up 110% for others when we are in session. 💡

    In 2019, I began experiencing a dramatic increase in paranormal activity and psychic awareness, inviting positive energy while learning how to safely work with negative influences.  I see myself as a Raven in spirit, between the two worlds, transmuting darkness into light. ⭐

I have read for multiple thousands of clients from all over the world, personally and on the sites.  I am dedicated to bringing clarity to every situation!  Incredible Truths & Occurrences have resulted from the energy of my readings with others. I am inspired every day by client journeys and the relationships we’ve developed over time. 

    I have trained with Psychic programs, and have completed a Life Mentorship Program.  I am also a certified Yoga Instructor (200 hours in India), Sound Healer, and am attuned in Level 1 Reiki.  I've traveled the world with my gifts for many years, experiencing a wide range of spiritual healing modalities and devotional practices including Sound Healing, Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork, Yoga Asana, Mantra, Sweat Lodge, Medicine Journeys, Balinese Ceremonies, Firewalking, Buddhist Meditation, and more.  

    I am totally devoted to serving the will of the Divine Spirit and how it moves me, remaining open to all that I’m guided to experience in this lifetime ✨




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Thanks Esmeralda 🙏
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oh thank you so much. hopefully we will chat again soon x
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Omgg thank you so much for everything; I will be back I appreciate you
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