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Greetings! I’m a hereditary psychic from Transylvania. The practice has been passed down from generation to generation in the family I was born into. I strengthened it with training and my own practice and helped a lot of people to create their future with my predictions and readings. I spent a lot of time traveling after discovering my gift for new experience and helping ones, who was in need. Sometimes we all need help and nothing is predetermined – we can create our future. All is needed sometimes is just an advise in right time and I found that internet gives unlimited possibility for helping people all around the world. I'm sharing my energy with you in an aim to help you in solving questions of your life issues, relations, work, things or events bother you.


If you come to see me every day, you will see the same straight face on me, that is not because I can not smile, or I am sad, but when I am online, I am getting huge amount of energies around me, and this is how my body reacts on it. You might never see me smiling, even I believe I am a happy and positive person. Since I started to practice my abilities, my life totally changed. I am living in the night, working. Always before the sun comes up, I am placing my candles and doing my prayers. I go to sleep only after that. I also do a lot of energy work, bringing prosperity, light and strength into your life, by that you will see clearly, and you will take the right decisions.

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