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I come from a very spiritual family and I am the third generation of psychics, I have been training and learning since at the age of 10 I had my first vision and communication with an entity from beyond, since then that entity has become my spiritual guide and guardian angel, I have been empirical and have led my growth process personally because I feel that my path is unique and I prefer to be myself who learns through experiences and closeness with my spiritual guides because they are the ones who communicate with me. And they transmit the messages of the universe to me.
In each step of my spiritual path I have connected with different elements such as tarot cards and crystals, which help me to get closer and closer to a fully illuminated path and with my third eye wide open to the energies and signals of the universe, I feel very connected to my spiritual side and I have refined my gifts as a psychic, seer and medium, which has not been an easy path and I am proud to say that to this day I continue to learn since knowledge is infinite.  


I am here to help you in the best and most empathetic way possible, I have more than 30 years working with my special gifts, giving advice, guidance and light in the situation of my clients, I firmly believe in the law of karma and that is why I give readings and consultations both 100% honest and in this way the client will be able to reconnect with himself and with the universe, to be able to hear and feel the signals of the universe and the spiritual guides.

I have found my destiny and my path in life, the universe showed me from a young age that I have a special gift, which I use to help those who come to me feeling desperate, sad, confused, worried, looking for advice and guidance through your personal problems; I have helped my clients with the reading of the tarot cards of Marseille, I can also make consultations with my gifts of psychic and clairvoyance, I also help with energetic cleansing and crystals if necessary, I can give you the advice to improve yourself and you can be the best version of yourselfΠ± and give it to those around you who deserve it. After a consultation, you can expect to feel relief, tranquility and above all the certainty of knowing what decision/path to take. 

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