Erin Jay


As a clairsentient empath, I do not read specific futures or act as a medium. Instead, I connect with you and the answers you already have within yourself. I begin by quickly grounding and connecting our energies together so I can empathically tune-in to your vortex. This may include asking a few simple questions to tap into your many internal narratives. After that, we move onto your specific questions about the past, present, or future. I don't waste time. We get right to the heart of what it is that you're seeking - as an empathically-bound team. If necessary and you want it, I can consult Tarot cards, the pendulum, or we can partake in different methods of shared healing meditations, pranayama, etc to connect us more deeply together. I sincerely care about people and want them to feel cared for, listened to, and empowered to move forward to happier, healthier lives!


I come from a long familial lineage of female empaths, clairvoyants, and clairsentients and started giving impromptu empath readings when I was about 14 or 15. I've also trained intensely in India and Nepal with gurus who taught me about my intuitive and empathic gifts and I've mentored directly under a shaman for a month-long training. I have also completed seven 10-day silent meditation courses, and continue to take them, which help keep my skills sharp. Beyond that, I have worked and trained with countless hypnotists, past-life regressionists, Tarot card readers, healers, and other various spiritual teachers to continually hone and further develop my intuitive gifts. I am open to any experiences you may have and offer an open heart and mind to you.

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Erin please could you help me with few minutes it could help me
she's good
I appreciated Erin's thoughtful advice about self-care and focusing on myself rather than my relationship. However, be aware - I was a bit disappointed in the reading in that I really didn't get any assistance in what I was looking for but more like a meeting with a life coach... perhaps that was what I needed?
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