I offer intuitive readings with the intention of helping clients with the insight, advice, and peace of mind they are seeking. I work with only the highest of intention for the good of all and the highest frequencies of consciousness accessible by me through my guides and angels as well as the guides and angels of the inquirer. I help with relationships, past life issues, mediumship, spiritual guidance, work, and much more. My emphasis is on helping others find their highest truth so that they may move forward in life with joy, peace, and trust.


An empath and intuitive since birth, I came into the world of energy healing in 2006. Through my work with my healing clients, my natural psychic abilities blossomed and I expanded into the realm of readings, mediumship, akashic records, space clearings, spirit attachment removal, channeling and much more. I work closely with my guides and angels during readings and in every moment of my life. I have had many spiritual awakenings to my higher truth and the truth of us all and it is my passion to awaken others to who they really are. I am a master healer with experience in many modalities- Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy Master, Tibetan Energy Healing, Deeksha Oneness Blessing, Ilahinoor, Theta healing, Shamanic healing and more. I teach psychic development, energy healing, and meditation.

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Channeling Family Advice Psychic Reading Psychic Mediums Relationship Advice Dating Advice Paranormal Phenomena Cheating and Affairs Karma and Past Life Clairvoyant Readings Parents and Children Love and Sex Automatic Writing Breakup and Divorce Career Advice Spiritual Reading Soulmates




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