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Adviser Amethyst
Adviser Amethyst
Career & Success
Adviser Amethyst


Hello, my dear users, life has given me the gift of intuition of the 3 eyes, I am an energy worker, 

I can help you harmonize your life and find the right way by reading your astral chart, I can help channel your negative thoughts and convert them to your favor by managing and aligning your chakras points if you are desperate, you do not find your way in love, work, your money is stagnant, I can help you with a solution so that everything improves, I have helped many people find their happiness, with my help and the help of the stars I will help you solve. 

Tarot reading, reading runes, we can find out through your dreams the messages that life is sending you, I have the ability to know what situation you are going through I use the Tarot and pendulum cards as my technique and tool, along with my natural birth skills to provide a unique and accurate reading. We all have the ability to rewrite our own history. You can make changes in your life and I would love to be the Advisor to help you find your way to true happiness. Let's take a look together to see what the universe has for you. I hope I can offer you my help and talk to you. 

Have a good day.


I'm not just a tarot reading, My main tool is the mind, high intuition! energy worker. my experience is to heal lives, to hear about your concerns, I have some tips that you can put into practice to improve your way, to find your goal in life, to be sure that your decisions are correct, I can help heal, cleanse your aura, your mind. 

  • numerology
  • compatibility of couples
  • magic potions for love
  • organize your mind and spaces with reiki
  • chakras
  • help your body to be in harmony
  • eliminate anxiety, stress, negative situations
  • handle different therapies 

I will teach you to maintain a good relationship with yourself and your surroundings, besides some tips to make in a partner. Eliminates anxiety, Negative energy in your body and house, Helps to harmonize your chakras points, I can also tell you how organized your home is so that it flows whit good energy, work with alternative therapies of smells, music, colors, I can help with some sounds your positive vibration, advise you can listen to improve your mood, personal relationships, at work, at home, animate and consult me. I am here to help you.

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