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Detailed Tarot card reads, Runes reads, and other forms of divination. 

    Looking for someone?  I can tell you where they are. 

  • Have you lost something dear to you? I can help you locate the object. 
  • Lost loved one? We can communicate with the individual.
  • Repetitive dream? I can uncover the meaning.

Come to me if the truth is what you seek; I offer it in a direct manner.


 Practicing mainly Tarot for 15 years +, since age 12. Both traditional and non-traditional decks. Also adept with Runes and Scrying.

Services that I offer:

  • Spell to pass any test
  • A spell for making someone go away 
  • Get rid of nightmares magick spell 
  • A Love Spell 
  • Locate a person or thing. I can find anything that you are looking for using my handmade oracle cards. 
  • Spirit communication, receive messages from the 'other side'. Using my white light oracle decks, I can tell you what a spirit wishes to convey to you.
  • Dream interpretations 
  • Past life reading
  • Paranormal Phenomina assistance




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